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SMARTer Classroom

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SMART Boards in Your Classroom














Agenda for this Session ...


  •  Welcome and Introductions - Norms and Expectations


  1. Please introduce yourself and what your teaching assignment is for this year.   
  2. What is your SMART Board experience been thus far? 
  3. How can we help you?  Parking Lot format....    


  •  Jumping in ....  How do you set an Interactive Whiteboard up?  What are the technical requirements and considerations for using the Interactive Whiteboard?  How will using this equipment impact the set-up of my classroom or library space?  Please see the following Notebook Presentation for a detailed digital story to answer these questions.....  Here is a quick handout to remind you 'How to Orient your SMART Board' properly.....
  •  Ten minute challenge.....  and Parking Lot opportunity.... 


  • Why? Why? Why?


SMART Boards make any website interactive for students.  This is truly one piece of technology that students do not have at home.  This time, educators have the upper hand!  There are many, many reasons to use a SMART Board in your program.  Here are just a few of them.....    


 Enhance lessons 

Used across the curriculum 

 User friendly  

Captures the audience  

Motivates students  

Students helping students  

Kinesthetic learning  

Teacher collaboration 

Student collaboration  

 Provides a visual for key vocabulary concepts

Students actively involved


Think of a SMART Board as an upside down mouse.  The possibilities are endless.....


Research Monograph #38 - "Technology in the Mathematics Classroom - Harnessing the Learning Potential of Interactive Whiteboards"


  •   Where do I start?  Websites. Websites. Websites.....  


SMART Board 1


SMART Board Resources PageThis is a fantastic starting point for those who are just beginning their journey with the SMART Board...


GECDSB SMART Board Resource Page - Another fantastic collection of interactive sites that are a perfect companion with the SMART Board.... and another....


SMART Board Blog Site - This site comes to us from Winnipeg and has some interesting activities for the SMART Board


  • Now what?  Time to move to SMART Notebook.....


SMART Board 2 


SMART Exchange - A great place to search for completed Notebooks to use instantly in your classroom


SMART Board 3 and 4


E-Learning Resource....  Click on the Advanced Search function and then select File Format from the drop down menu....  Select Notebook 10 from the next drop down menu.....


Teacher Login 

username : gecdsbteacher

password: oerbt


Student Login

username: gecdsbstudent

password: oerbs



If you would like to download the SMART Notebook 10 program on your personal computer, please visit the Teachers' Essentials CD, which is now on-line here.....  There is a specific product key code that you will need to enter once you download the program.  You will have to contact your school's CIESC (Computers in Education Site Contact) for this code.  We are not able to publish this code on-line due to licensing restrictions with SMART.


SMART Board Quick Tutorial Training Page - If you need a refresher on key SMART Board features and/or how to use SMART Notebook 10. 


SMART Tech Notebook 10 Training Handbook- A fantastic resource for using the most powerful program with the SMART Board


Introduction to SMART Notebook 10 Basics... the nuts and bolts.....  


Once you have had some time to play with SMART Notebook 10, here is a quick YouTube video that gives you five tips and tricks to using it.....





Destination Reading - This is a fantastic program that is the perfect marriage between using an interactive white board and software.  


Here is a Sample Notebook created by Annie Kisch that includes some of the best that the Gallery has to offer.  This is an example of a Graphing Notebook used in a primary classroom that demonstrates some of the unique functionality of SMART Notebook.  


Here is an example of a SMART Notebook created by Johanna Lawler created to support the Blue Spruce Forest of Reading Program.


The following are a few more SMART Notebooks to explore to hopefully provide you with some inspiration for the creation of other Notebooks.


Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Venn Diagram Notebook

Parts of a Book Notebook

Shelf Organization in the Library Notebook


Jeopardy Labs - Templates and ready made Jeopardy Games!


BookFlix - A password protected site for K-3, which pairs a fiction work and a non-fiction text for students to read and compare.


Here is a Trouble Shooting sheet for the SMART Board.  If you experience any issues with the set-up of the SMART Board, you might resolve them by taking a peak!   


Please make sure that you have signed into the session before you leave as we will be sending you the link to this wiki via First Class.


Transition Videos


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